by Marcia 

Calligraphy, wedding, invitations, gift tags

Calligraphy: The Wonderful Art of Writing

According to Michael's dictionary, the word calligraphy means "writing that is beautiful." Calligraphy is an age-old art. For more than dozen of centuries, artists have been using this art of writing to lend importance and elegance to documents from holly books to law texts to todays awards and special events like weddings invitations. In the current world where the growth of information technology is unprecedented printing presses and computers have overtaken the art of beautiful handwriting, calligraphy seems to be a very important anchor. Certainly your guests friends and loved ones will enjoy receiving handwritten calligraphy creation, that will confer great  value to your notes, invitations and gift tags.

Perhaps because of the excessive reliance on technology and the mechanistic perfections it creates, paradoxically, a lot of people now appreciate the tactile art of calligraphy. As Calligrapher, I do carry a rich inheritance of latin scripts developed over 2000 years ago.

With over 15 years of  experience, I am sure that you will enjoy the result of my artistic work as a Calligrapher  in order to adorn with beautiful handcrafted art your wedding invitations, gift tags, diplomas or notes.

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